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An Denis S., April 1997, Sevastopol, California

Hello Dennis, hello Shelley, hello Gabe and Skye! I am fooling around with the most advanced of technology - or should I say: the most advanced technology is making a fool out of me?


In Ojai, CA, the center of spirituality (theosophical society, Krishnamurti ...) I have met the Internet ...  Philosophically very much against it I am (as a real person) very entreagued (or intrigued or however you want to spell this word) with the whole thing and it'0s possibilities! - Along with the Internet came of course Email. Sadly enough  however my screen reading program and my email software do not get along at all! I just about manage to send mails: To get and to read them is ... - let's say a question of luck and patience! If you reply please use therefor my new email-address at earth-link, where I got an account some days ago. I am going to drop my JUNO-stuff pretty soon! It will be valid until I leave the US, which will be around June first to June 15th!

Right now I am in Sevastopol at friends of my parents. I have spent two weeks with Kathrin in San Diego and another three weeks at a Krishnamurti retreat centre at Ojai. Instead of all the things I wanted to do there I have become a victim of the internet fever as I already told you! Fascinating and - at least to some extent - also accessible. As far as Krishnamurti is concerned I have made another attempt to get excited about him, but it failed as all earlier attempts did!

Since April 1st I am in San Francisco, exploring the  gay capital of the world and an interesting and alive city! I have met all kinds of interesting folks since I have left you! However: No great opera stars like Gabriel Shirley have since crossed my trails!

As far as my Swiss life is concerned, I have gotten good news from the Swiss Science Foundation: They  have accepted my proposal without any changes, which means, that I will be paid for three years to do more research around Mr. Geheeb. ... I really feel like a  fortune-cookie that has come alife! ...

Now my friends have come back from town and I will join them for lunch and then try to get this (and a couple of other) emails on their way! Byebye you'all. I hope to hear from you one of these days! I am very curious to know what your plans for summer and fall are, whether you have decided on a place to stay etc. etc.! Hope everything has gone well for you, since we have seen us. - Bis bald! Tschüss zämme!