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To Flory Z., Robert C., 15. September 2011

Hi Flory and Robert! What is happening with you? Am I so unclear about my whishes or do you just not care or understand? Or do we have one of our intercultural problems?

You, Robert, confirmed the reception of my letter about Remac etc., in which I told you, I'd like to get a reaction from you. You promised you'd write soon. After not hearing  from neither one of you for a week, I ask you to react and to react soon, then you, Flory, send me the mail below! To me that's not the way I want to work with others, and if you feel, that I am getting impatient, thaat's exactly what's happening.

I want you to react to my letter about Remac and the issues connected with the proposed Code de conduct NOW, not in three days and not in ten days. And I want news about the computerlab as well and again: I want this news NOW, not in four days or four weeks. We are working on a pretty demanding project, so don't let your partners in Europe without answers for weeks and weeks on central issues like the computer lab, especially not, when they ask you some very specific questions and make some very specific suggestions as was the case in my mail of August 22nd.

And while I am at it: Robert, you promised six weeks ago to send me some contributions for PPU website: texts and reflections of yourself, photos of PPU life, texts written by students. You said, you'd do it "next week". Same thing with the video with our English students or the courses of October and November. It's "yes yes yes" and then - nothing more.

stop ignoring my questions, and don't tell me, you don't have the time to write or things in Africa are moving so slow. You do have time, and you are not "Africa", you are Flory and Robert and (last but not least) you are payed by UPP to do your job.

Six months ago you asked me to help you with your project of UPP, and I did help. if you're not interested in my participation any more, let me know. But if you are still interested in my help, don't hide behind what to me are too often just hollow words and empty phrases. React to my questions as thoughtful men with their own experiences and questions, and become real in terms of work. Don't just promise and talk and promise and talk again and again.

We will discuss all issues with Franck, but that's no reason to wait and not react. In the contrary: If we want to work productively with Franck, we need to know what's going on in each of us, where we stand, what's on our minds, what we have tried to do, where we failed and where we succeeded, where we are a bit ashamed and where we are proud. Working together is not about hide and sick. It's about work and about together. It's about exchanging ideas and answering or trying to answer eachothers questions! So get real and write, and please, do not write as a one-voice person, but write sepertly - especially as far as Remac and church planting etc. is concerned. We need open and honest, at times contraversal discussions. Without these our "leadership" is a sham. Martin