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To Scott S., 4. August 1997

Hello Scoot! ... What a change of scenery! First the Atlantic, the boat and the Bermudas and now my pieceful swiss home - almost too pieceful, too familiar! I am sitting on my  fourth floor balconee overlooking (and/or over hearing) a big enclosed courtyard, which  the center of our block, enclosed by four rows of appartment buildings. I got up early today, sorting the bookmarks which I have collected lately, while serfing the internet, and writing a few mails to friends. Doing this I decided, that the time had come, to write to you, too!

Tell me, man, how are things for you? How is your divorse  going or how did it go? Is it all over allready or are you still in the middle of it? Well - I am sure, that it will take more time, for it to "be over", even when all the technicalities are taken care of and done. Are your (ex)-wife and you  able to discuss matters  in a more "reasonable" and friendly way with each other or do you still suffer from the kind of war like communication, which you've described me during our trip on the "Blue Scarab". And what did you decide in terms of your work? Did you take the  job in ... where was it again: Florida or did something else come along?

On my side of the Atlantic not much has happened. After the abrupt and totally unexpected end of my (our) trip I had a somewhat hard time to really land here. Physically the transition was smooth and without any problem, but my soul was still outthere on the waters and it took quite some time for me, to realize, that I am here now - back in my old life! Well, slowly but surely I have arrived. I am starting to get ready for my work, which will begin in September. I try to get more knowledgeable about the internet and all the other nets and webs out there, so that I will be able, to use these resources efficiently, when I am back at work. I am also rearranging my appartement a little, to make it even nicer and more perfect! Tomorrow I will leave for a few days, to see a friend in France ... Yes. This is my life over here! - I sent a report about the Bermuda events to the  travel agency I booked the trip on the "Blue Scarab". I am curious whether they are going to give me some of my money back or whether I will have to fight for it some more. If I have to, I will do it, although I don't particularly like the idea of it! It all started so nicely ... waves and sun and wine and friendship. It shouldn't end in a quarel. But then ... life is sometimes just not the way we want it. I don't have to tell you.

August 21st 1997

After several attempts to email this text to your old "att.worldnet.net"-address I send it through the old postal system to your Austin-Address. Thi gives me a chance to include the 50 bugs, you've lent me on the Bermudas. I hope everythings gets to you safely!

I hope to hear from you soon,