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To Jeffry M., March 21st 1997, Ojai, California

Hello Jeffrey, my Brother - what is going on with you? I haven't heard from you since I left New York. Did you not get my letter? I wrote to you just before leaving Tennessee, some five weeks ago. I also called your ant a couple of times. Once I left a message on her machine, the other times I didn't. Maybe I will call her again, just to find out, whether she knows anything about you. I also gave you the number of the friend in San Diego, that I staid whit after my time in Tennessee. However, I never heard from you. So what's wrong?

As far as I am concerned, I am still alive and basicly all right. I left San Diego at the beginning of this month. I moved to Ojai, hoping to be able to do some reading and writing here, at the Ojai Institut. As far as my writing is concerned, I wasn't very successful so far, but that's another story! All in all it  has been very pieceful; but again time seems up and I feel like moving on, probably to San Francisco. I hope to find a nice place to stay there. I want to spend a couple of weeks in this city, before visiting my friends in Oregon. Then I hope to find a sailboat which would bring me across the Pacific or the Atlantic. Sailing has always been a big love and dream of mine, and I decided in San Diego, that I want to make this dream come true.

All this probably sounds like a rich man's trip to you, in in some ways you are completely right. I have left Switzerland hoping for something, but so far this something has not yet shown up, and I am not really sure, whether I could tell you, what it is. Adventure is part of this "something" - adventure like sailing. another part is meeting new people. This later part however is quite difficult. I do meet a lot of people, but I look at them always with my "eyes", with my judgements and expectations or hopes. Thus the people I meet are never really "new", but they're just more of the old bunch! I hope, that this will change in the remaining months of my travels, but whether it does or not - I of course don't know.

And what about you? What direction has your life taken? How are you inside? What about all your plans and hoes? I hope, that this letter finds its way this time! I send you  a lot of good wishes. Tell me, if you are in trouble, and if not, tell me also. I am looking forward to hearing from you! - Your friend