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To Jeffry M., february 2nd 1997

Dear Jeff! No, no. I haven't forgotten you! Don't worry. It's just, that all my plans are still so unclear -, I don't know, where I will be tomorrow and the next day and I don't know, how you could reach me - either per mail or per phone. By the time you get this letter, I will probably not be in Tennessy anymore. I want to move on coming wednesday or thursday. My first stop will be Neworleans, Luisiana.From there I want to continue out west. I assume, that I will be in California in 10 to 14 Days from today on. As soon as I know, how you can reach me there, I will let you know. I either write to you or I call your Ant and give her my new adress plus a telephone number under which you can reach me.

I hope you got the message which I left on the answering machine of ant Thelma some 10 days ago! Life uphere is really a little complicated as far as getting phone calls and mailing letters is concerned. The people I stay with life about 30 to 40 car-minutes away from Murfreesboro. When they have snow, they can't get to the town, because the roads around here are just tiny little durtroads which never see any snowplough! So when it snows, you're just stuck here. It is really back country; very rural; very quiet. Not dead quiet, but very alife with all kinds of sounds: The cries of birds, the cries of the goats or chicken, that live here, the wressling of the trees in the wind or the sound of the rain falling on the tin roof of the bird house like place I live in at present. The contrast with the city is very big of course and I really enjoyed the piece and quiet up here!

And what about you? I am very curious to get news from you. I hope that we will soon have a chance to talk, so that I will know, what is happening with you! As you may think I am aspecially interested to know, whether you have really found a job, since we saw us last, two weeks ago. If not, man, just keep trying!!! Just - That sounds maybe a litel cheep - "keep trying" -, but what else can you do! Man. I wish, that you have all the courage and all the energy in the world to not give up and if you feel like giving up, just think of how great it would be, if you had a place of your own and some money and something to do! Think how it will be, when you invitesome friends over to your place or when you go out with a girl or when you get a piece of furniture for your place! And then don't forget. I said, I would be the godfather of your first child (or of the second or third of course), so think of how I am waiting for this letter telling me to come over to take that kid to church with them happy parents! Hey that would be so great! And I would come on a ship or plane or by foot or I don't know how and you'd pick me up somewhere ... Yeye, I am really waiting for this day to come around in two or four or six years!...

Allright now. I just thought, that I would give you the phone number of a frined of mine, where you might be able to reach me around the 15th or 16th of February. If I am not there, she might be able to tell you, where you can get a hold if me. The number is 619 226 29 04 and my friends name is Cathrin.  If you reach me there, I could call you back, so that we can talk a bit without you being all out of money afterwards, o.k.? However. If you don't call or if I am not there, I will contact you again as I said.

O.k. man. That's it for today. I wish you once again soooo much luck - LUCK!!!! I hope that you are doing o.k. and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

A big hug and much love from

your old new Swiss brother